Support FAQ

How do I install HitmanPro?
  • Please download HitmanPro here:
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Click Next to start a scan
  • Accept the terms and click Next again
  • Click Next yet again to save HitmanPro on your computer and create shortcuts
  • HitmanPro is successfully installed on your computer
How do I activate HitmanPro?

You first need to install HitmanPro, see Q1.
Do not activate a new product key if you still have remaining days on an active existing license. Remaining days on an older active license will not be added to the new license.

  • Open HitmanPro
  • Click on Settings in the bottom left corner
  • Go to the License tab
  • Enter your product key, including hyphens
  • Click Activate
  • Your license is now successfully activated on your computer
Is HitmanPro available for Mac/iOS or Android?

No, HitmanPro is only available for Windows computers and tablets. However, if you need to protect Mac computers, we would highly recommend Sophos Home. We recommend Sophos Mobile Security for Androids and for iOS devices. All created by our parent company, Sophos.

I get "error message 20" when I try to activate. What should I do?

Please open HitmanPro and go to Settings >> Proxy tab. Select "No proxy" and try activating again. If you continue to get this error message, please contact our support with your product key at

I get the error message maximum number of activations. What should I do?

Please contact our support with your product key at

I have lost my product key. How can I retrieve it?

You can always request to resend your license information via this webpage: After you enter the registered email address you will receive an email with a link to your product key.

Do you auto-renew my license?

No, we are not auto-renewing licenses and we would not start without your express permission. Renewal is a manual procedure for our users.

HitmanPro is detecting a file that I believe is not malicious. What should I do?

Please scan one more time with HitmanPro. When the scan is complete, click Save log in the bottom left corner. Please email us this log file with a short explanation at

I want to use Kickstart, but I cannot find it. How can I use Kickstart?

Kickstart is no longer compatible with the latest versions of Windows and USB flash drives. We are not anticipating a compatible version in the near future. Thus there is no need for the Kickstart functionality anymore. Ransomware used to lock you out of your computer. There was no way to start your antivirus program, unless you booted with the Kickstart USB stick. Nowadays, ransomware encrypts your data and does not lock you out of your computer. Removing the malware is useless as the damage (the unwanted encryption) has already happened at the moment you see the ransom screen. In order to counter this kind of crypto-ransomware, we developed HitmanPro.Alert, which prevents the encryption of your data files by malware. More information about HitmanPro.Alert can be found here:

I want to scan an external/extra drive with HitmanPro. How do I do this?

HitmanPro only scans the boot drive, and not external or extra drives. This is due to the way HitmanPro is engineered. HitmanPro does not blindly scan your entire disk. Instead, there is an intelligent algorithm inside HitmanPro. We call the behavioral scan. It determines which locations on the disk should be scanned. Adding a disk from another Windows installation does not trigger this algorithm. Its contents are not related to the local Windows configuration.

Still need help?

Please feel free to contact our Support Team at