HitmanPro Advanced Worm Removal Tool

Detect and remove worm infections faster

Worms are self-replicating viruses and malware that spread across the internet, local networks, and within your computer itself. Worms are unique – and they can be difficult to remove because they can spread quickly without using a carrier program or file. HitmanPro has been detecting and removing worms on Windows machines for a long time, so you can rest assured that HitmanPro will secure your files from an infection.

Why are worms still dangerous?

Worms are one of the oldest forms of malware. One of the most destructive computer related disasters in history, the iloveyou worm, struck in May of 2000. It resulted in over 50 million worm virus infections around the world. The Pentagon, the CIA, British Parliament, and most large corporations had to shut down their email systems. Over 50 million iloveyou worm infections were reported globally – it was one of the most destructive computer-related disasters ever. With HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert, you don’t just detect worms. You’ll also stop never-before-seen threats, blocking them from taking hold, and cleaning up infected files automatically. Plus, with the expanded features of HitmanPro.Alert, you’ll know when a virus attempts to access your camera, protect vulnerable programs often targeted by hidden worms and trojan viruses, block keyloggers from stealing your passwords and credit card information, and so much more.

Your information should be private. We help make it that way.

HitmanPro Security tools stop computer worms with:

Deeper Cleaning

HitmanPro doesn’t just block worms. It provides a deep clean to remove all traces of malware impacting critical system files and boot records.

Minimal File Requirements

You can download HitmanPro in two seconds. It’s just 10 MB, with no installation necessary. HitmanPro runs after downloading to scan and remove worms quickly.

Continuous Protection

With HitmanPro.Alert constantly running in the background, you’ll never be caught unaware by spyware or other potential threats to your data.

Scan On Demand

Do you think you just clicked on a bad link? Make sure you’re not at risk by scanning your device immediately.

Anywhere Access

Don’t just protect your own machine from worms and other viruses – HitmanPro lets you manage devices remotely, including your family’s at-risk computers.

Powerful Home Protection

Why settle for less than what corporations use to protect their computers? HitmanPro uses the same powerful protection 300 million corporate devices are safeguarded.

Default security may not be enough security

HitmanPro uses advanced computer worm scanning technologies, behavioral detection, and artificial intelligence to spot viruses that can be skipped by default programs. And with HitmanPro.Alert, stop worm attacks and malicious exploits in real time while increasing your privacy. Get all the features of HitmanPro plus a deep clean of your system to prevent new attacks for worry-free protection.

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