HitmanPro Virus Scanner Seeks Out Threats

Fast, easy virus scanning and removal

Malware continues to evolve into new and more dangerous formats. Your virus scanner needs to keep up with the latest attacks. The built-in virus scanner on Windows 10 is better than ever. But cybercriminals know how to expertly get around default antivirus programs. They will find a way to infect your computer with nasty viruses. When you need a virus scanner designed to detect and remove the most advanced forms of malware, count on HitmanPro.

Finally, a virus scanner that’s easy to use

Wherever you go online, there’s always an opportunity to encounter hidden viruses and malware trying to steal your data. HitmanPro performs a deep scan on your system for existing viruses your current program might have missed. Plus, it blocks incoming viruses to keep your devices clean. Viruses, worms, keyloggers, rootkits, trackers, and spyware – HitmanPro protects against them all.

Unlike other security programs, HitmanPro will never install unwanted apps or toolbars. It won’t sell your information for advertising purposes. HitmanPro provides powerful virus scanning and removal security that takes just two seconds to load with only a 10MB footprint. And HitmanPro.Alert provides continuous protection in real time against zero-day malware and ransomware.

HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert Includes:

Protect Targeted Programs

Viruses can often target vulnerable programs like Microsoft Word or Office. HitmanPro.Alert keeps these programs safe.

Detect Viruses Automatically

HitmanPro looks for specific behaviors in adware to spot malware and other never-before-seen threats.

Keystroke Encryption

HitmanPro.Alert encrypts what you type, protecting credit card numbers or login credentials from keyloggers trying to steal your info.

Remove Viruses – Not Data

Already infected with a virus? HitmanPro can restore damaged Windows resources to their original state with CryptoGuard.

Find Viruses, Anywhere

Adware can bury itself deeply into your system. HitmanPro cleans critical system files and boot records, removing unwanted programs.

Big results, small footprint

At only 10 MB, you can download HitmanPro in two seconds. No installation necessary – it runs after downloading.

Scan for and remove viruses automatically

Having a virus can bog down your system and slow down your devices. HitmanPro does not. It’s is designed to be practically invisible. Taking up just 10 MB of space, HitmanPro requires no install to begin virus detection on your PC. Just a quick download and you’re ready to begin the cleanup process.

Want even deeper levels of protection? HitmanPro.Alert offers a deep clean of your system with a multi-layered approach to security. It catches and removes malware other security programs miss for worry-free security.

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