HitmanPro Virus Removal Tool: Stop Malware Before It Starts

Remove viruses quickly and easily

Is your computer running slow? Behaving strangely? You may have been infected with malware. Confirm your suspicions right away and clean any offending malware from your computer with the no-nonsense malware removal capabilities of HitmanPro.

Secure, easy-to-use virus removal tool

With HitmanPro, you don’t trade privacy for protection. Unlike other programs, HitmanPro doesn't sell your information or install unwanted apps, toolbars, or advertising programs. What it does do? It provides secure, easy malware removal.

HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert won’t conflict with other software you may already be running. Both can be installed alongside other security products – no need to uninstall what you’re already using.

Nowhere is truly safe online. Wherever you go online, whether it’s email, shopping, or browsing, there’s always an opportunity to encounter hidden viruses and malware trying to steal your data. HitmanPro performs a deep scan on your system for existing viruses your current program might have missed. And once your system is in the clear, it keeps up with that protection, blocking incoming viruses and other threats. Viruses, worms, keyloggers, rootkits, trackers, and spyware – HitmanPro protects against them all.

HitmanPro.Alert goes even further, providing continuous protection in real time against zero-day malware and ransomware. With HitmanPro.Alert, your security doesn’t just remove malware already on your system – it consistently runs in the background to stop cyberattacks of all kinds.

HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert:

Protects Targeted Programs

Viruses often target vulnerable programs like Microsoft Word or Office. HitmanPro.Alert keeps these programs safe from all forms of malware.

Detects Viruses Automatically

HitmanPro looks for specific, malicious behaviors to identify viruses and remove never-before-seen threats.

Deep Cleans

Malware can hide on your computer, affecting critical system files and boot records. HitmanPro spots and removes these persistent threats.

Removes Viruses – Not Data

Do you suspect you’re already infected with a virus? HitmanPro can restore damaged Windows resources to their original state.

Support from Multiple Experts

HitmanPro uses databases from four security labs to scan for and remove viruses and malware. More expertise results in better protection.

Big Results, Small Footprint

At only 10 MB, you can download HitmanPro in two seconds. And once it’s up and running, you’ll never notice it unless there’s a problem you should know about.

Remove malware – and keep it away

HitmanPro scans your system and leaves it completely clean of viruses, Trojan infections, worms, keyloggers, rootkits, trackers and spyware – all with a quick, automated download.

And take security even further with HitmanPro.Alert. Stop complex attacks and exploits in real time while increasing your privacy. With HitmanPro.Alert, you get all the features of HitmanPro plus constant protection that won’t get in your way. Keep your device safe with HitmanPro.Alert running in the background, scanning for new attacks – even viruses never seen before.

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