HitmanPro Virus Cleaner

Quickly clean and restore your infected devices with HitmanPro’s virus cleaner

Have your computer ever been infected with a virus? If you’re here, that’s a possibility on your mind – and for good reason. Malicious viruses are everywhere and feel impossible to remove. Plus, they’re constantly evolving every day thanks to persistent cybercriminals. If your built-in antivirus software isn’t cutting it, HitmanPro can help. It offers a deep clean to scrub viruses and malware from your computer.

Professional level virus cleaning for Windows

Viruses and malware can easily infect multiple areas of your device. And sometimes those infections are so well hidden even your built-in antivirus tool can’t find them. These viruses can manipulate your device, install programs you’ve never given permission to, and quietly send your private information to cybercriminals. HitmanPro’s virus cleaner can help prevent this.

HitmanPro is a professional level cleaner for Windows computers. It gives your machine a deep clean, finding malicious viruses and removing persistent threats from the operating system and hidden away in files and applications.

HitmanPro requires no install to begin removing viruses from your Windows PC and takes up just 10 MB of space. Get started with a quick download and run to begin the cleanup process. Your computer will be spotless and virus-free in no time.

If you’re looking for even more protection, HitmanPro.Alert offers a deep clean of your system with a multi-layered approach to security catches and cleans viruses other protection misses for worry-free security.

Perks of HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert:

Keep Your Existing Antivirus – or Don’t

HitmanPro can run alongside your existing antivirus program. No need to uninstall other programs. Just scan and remove hidden viruses not found by other antivirus programs.

World-Class Expertise

Prevent viruses from infecting your windows operating system with the help of four security labs, including SophosLabs, for expert detection and cleanup

A Small File – Only 10 MB

Big results, small footprint. At only 10 MB, you can download HitmanPro in two seconds to your Windows device. No installation necessary. Just download and run.

Automatically scan and clean viruses from your device

Hackers have developed sophisticated and convincing ways to get their hands on your data through your device. All it takes is one wrong click to infect your computer – everyone’s at risk. HitmanPro eradicates viruses, and also protects against worms, keyloggers, rootkits, trackers, and spyware – all of which can put your device at risk for. And it does this automatically with just one quick download.

Get HitmanPro today.

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